A Day In My Life

Hey everyone it’s Zainab! Welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today, I’m going to be doing a day in my life as it’s something I’ve never done before, I’ll be picking Tuesday as it’s quite an interesting day in terms of school but it’s also a very chill day in lockdown! Also, this Tuesday is specifically is quite exciting for me as I actually get to leave my house! This is inspired by Meg’s post from The Blog Girl which you should check out here. Let’s jump into this post!

7:20am – Wake Up And Breakfast
This is not my usual wake up time, but considering it’s lockdown and school is online it’s okay! When I wake up, I go to the bathroom, and go straight downstairs for breakfast!

8:00am – Workout And Meditation
This is something I’ve only recently been adding to my morning routine, but now every day after breakfast I’m trying to schedule in a workout. This will not only help me physically, but mentally too! Meditation, is one of my new years resolution so I do it straight after my workout to bring me into a positive mental state!

8:45am – School (Usually)
Now, usually from 8:45 onwards I’m doing school, but for this Tuesday I had to take a little bit of a detour! So at 8:45 I logged into school just to get registered and then I had to go!

9:15am – Going To The Dentist
This doesn’t usually happen but I went to the dentist during school as I had to get an X-Ray as I’m getting braces soon! My appointment wasn’t till 10:00am but I like to be super early!

10:15am – Continuing With School
After I got back from my appointment, I continued with my online school. Luckily, we weren’t having proper subject lessons on this day anyway so I didn’t miss any actual school content!

2:00pm – Call With Friends
Since there were no subject lessons, school finished early so I hopped onto a Google Meet and Zoom with my friends. On the Google Meet, we all played a very eventful game of among us, and on the Zoom, we were doing Kahoot quizzes!

4:00pm – Relaxing
One of my other new years resolutions is to not be as hard on myself this year and to practice more self care! So, I just put on some Netflix and did some knitting and it was really calming!

7:00pm – My Voice Reveal
So, at the time of you guys seeing this, you would’ve already heard my podcast episode (the link is here) but for me, it has just come out and I’m so excited!!

8:15pm – Watching A Football Match
I have recently started getting into football so I ended the day by watching a football match with my Dad and my brother – it was definitely a fun evening!-

10:30pm – Going To Sleep
After the match, I was quite tired so I quickly just checked to see if there was anything else I needed to do in my bullet journal (there wasn’t!) So I went to bed!

Okay guys, that was quite an eventful day in the life (not really that eventful but that’s lockdown for you!) I hope you enjoyed and if you did be sure to comment what you’ve done today!

Also, before I go, I just wanted to say that you’ve probably noticed I haven’t been engaging in WP Reader – which really makes me upset as you’re all so talented! I recently got braces which have given me a lot of pain and stress so I haven’t really been able to check it. I promise once the pain has decreased a bit I will be checking out all your posts!

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Have an great week!


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