What’s on my iPhone

Hey guys it’s Zainab welcome back to the blog! Today, I thought it would be fun to do share you guys what’s on my iPhone, this is going to be a long blog post so let’s jump into it!


I actually found these on Google but I’ve left a link to download them below. They make me feel very happy!

Download My Lock Screen

Download My Home Screen

First Row

Spark (An email app that allows you to sync all your emails into one app).

Google Calendar ( I’ve talked about this in previous posts but Google Calendar allows me to schedule all my events and reminders easily!)

Photography Folder (This is where I keep all my photography apps such as Camera, Photos, Google Photos, Preview and Adobe Lightroom)

Weather (This is pretty self – explanatory but I always need to check my weather!)

Second Row

Clock (On the iPhone Clock app, I set my alarms, plan my bedtimes and more!)

Notes (I use my notes app to create my to-do lists and to plan my blog content.)

The Guardian (This is where I get my news and what I love is it’s such a reliable news source, you can get the app in the UK and the USA!)

Essentials Folder (I use this folder to keep my Setting, App Store, Find My iPhone and Giffgaff to keep track of my data).

Third Row

TV Control (I use this app to control my TV if I ever lose my remote, which happens to me a lot!)

Clue (This is such a great app to track your period cycle and I found it’s the best one that works for me!)

Ring (This app is synced to my doorbell so it’s great to talk to people who are at the door!)

Banking Folder (I use this folder just to manage my money, as personally I’d rather have it synced to my phone then having cash)

Fourth Folder

Blog Folder (I use this folder to keep my WordPress app. I also saved my blog as bookmark so I can easily access it!)

SC (This is just an app I use to keep track of prayer times)

My Library App (I use the Library App to reserve books and see all available books).

Google Drive (My laptop is a Chromebook so I use Google Drive so sync my files to my phone!)

Final Row

Socialising Folder (I have all my apps to talk to people in this folder!)

Entertainment Folder (I keep all the apps I use to watch shows such as Netflix and Youtube!)

School Folder (I use the Adapt App as my revision timetable and Satchel One to track my homework)

Safari (It’s my web browser which I literally use for everything!)

Well that’s everything guys, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know what apps you have your phone!

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12 thoughts on “What’s on my iPhone

  1. infinitelyadaydreamer

    Ring sounds like an interesting app! I live in an apartment so essentially have that system built in. There’s a screen where you can essentially answer calls and talk to people at the door who want to be buzzed in. Anyhow, great post! You’ve inspired me to download the news app so I can keep more up to date with what’s going on in the world x

    Liked by 3 people

    • Zainab

      Thank you!! Ahh okay that’s so much easier that you don’t have to buy a doorbell though!! Aww I’m glad I inspired you! To be honest, before this pandemic I never read the news as much as I do now! But, it’s good to be socially aware! Thanks for reading!! xx


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