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Hey everyone it’s Zainab, welcome back! Today, I’m taking part in the Chapters Of Confidence Tag. I got nominated for this a while ago, but I have so many posts scheduled for you guys I could only just post it but thank you Ave from ArtsAndAve for nominating me, let’s jump into it!


  1. Use the same featured image for the tag.
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  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, and pingback to the tag’s creator.
  2. Talk about some ways that you have struggled with self confidence or esteem in the past, or things that have helped you with it.
  3. Out of self love, and confidence, make a “List of you”. A list of however many things you’d like that you think make up the beautiful you! And end the “List of You” with a simple “I am (your name).”[The List of You is meant to boost your own confidence, and self esteem. It is not out of bragging, but simply out of self love and encouragement! It is okay to be proud of who you are, and to show that you believe you are beautiful!]
  4. Nominate as many people in the tag as you want, spread the message of confidence to as many hearts as possible!

How I’ve Struggled With Self Confidence and Self Esteem
Honestly, I’m quite lucky that I haven’t however when I was younger there was no way I was confident as I was now! I would never put my hand up in class and I barely had any friends. I overcame it just by stepping out of my confidence. However, auditioning for my school play really did boost my confidence. Getting the main part definitely helped with self esteem. So, if you’re struggling with confidence or self esteem I would recommend you do something out of your comfort zone!

A List of Me
– Confidence
I am Zainab!

I’ve decided instead of listing out a bunch of people I want you to do it! Help spread the message of positivity! Hope you guys can do this!

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Enjoy your day guys!


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